Bob Anderson

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Bob has been running since his twenties, and began long distance running in his fifties.
He is a veteran of 13 marathons from California to the New York Isles, from the Redwood Forest to the Gulfstream water, he has braved them all.

Bob represents the average back of the pack runner and now as a Master's runner, he hasn't lost a step!
He also enjoys jogging, strolling, walking and talking about running. Bob can often be found sipping his daily dose of java at Starbucks in downtown WPB.

Bob is a Vietnam Veteran, a native of Chicago and has lived in South Florida for 15 years.
Bob's marathon odessey has him completing the 3 of the 5 World Majors, which include the LaSalle Bank Chicago Marathon, ING New York City Marathon and the Boston Marathon.

Bob also has run marathons inĀ  New Orleans, San Diego, Montana, Miami and the 2009 Dublin Marathon.
In November 2010 he ran the Marine Corps Marathon and in 2011 ran in the Colorado Marathon in Ft. Collins. 2012 he ran in the Naples 1/2 Marathon. In 2013 he ran in the Boston Marathon and was at mile 21.4 when the race was stopped. A month later he traveled to Wisconsin and ran in the Cellcom Green Bay Marathon.

Bob's plans to run in the 2014 Naples 1/2 Marathon and is registered for the 2014 Boston Marathon.

A helping hand after the 2010 Marine Corps Marathon. Bob and Caroline Willems