"The dedicated runner knows that the soul comes into its own when it is confronted with a challenge, when there are difficulties, hardships, obstacles, frustrations, heartaches, and pain that cannot be shared with the outside world." 
Mike Tynn, Running Times 2003


Motivational Movies:

“When you cross the finish line it will change your life forever”

A great documentary about the journey and experience of six runners while training and competing in the 2005 Chicago Marathon. A sequel is coming out this year called the Spirit of The Marathon II.
Based on a true story, Chariots of Fire is an internationally acclaimed Oscar-winning drama of two very different men who compete as runners in the 1924 Paris Olympics. Eric Liddell (Ian Charleson), a serious Christian Scotsman, believes that he has to succeed as a testament to his undying religious faith. Harold Abrahams (Ben Cross), is a Jewish Englishman who wants desperately to be accepted and prove to the world that Jews are not inferior.
A very interesting movie based on a short story by Alan Sillitoe. It tells the story of "a rebellious youth" (played by Tom Courtenay), sentenced to a borstal (boys' reformatory) for robbing a bakery, who rises through the ranks of the institution through his prowess as a long distance runner. During his solitary runs, reveries of his life and times before his incarceration lead him to re-evaluate his privileged status as the Governor's (played by Michael Redgrave) prize runner.


The 35th Anniversary Edition of the Classic Best Seller by Dr. George Sheehan.
Jeff Galloway says, “In Running & Being, Sheehan restores and reminds us of the physical, mental, and spiritual potential we all hold. He allows us to believe we can all be winners. We can all learn from his lucid analysis of the ‘total experience.’”


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